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Inviting public opinions for 2024 China's Government Work Report

LMS| Updated: December 15, 2023

The Chinese government website launched an online initiative on Dec 14, 2023, to solicit public opinions and suggestions on government work. The online initiative, Share Your Views on 2024 China's Government Work Report, is also supported by,,,, and official websites of local governments and related departments. The initiative will run through to the annual sessions of the national legislature and the national political advisory body in 2024.

Whether you are business people, overseas students or foreign tourists in China, the Chinese government wants to hear your views and include them in China's policy-making. The initiative covers 12 topics, including China’s business environment, economy and trade, finance, rural vitalization, innovation and digitalization, and work in China. The suggestions can be submitted via or its app. Public input considered to be of high value will be forwarded to the draft team of the Government Work Report, and transferred to local governments or departments for further consideration.


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