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Shanghai Panlong Tiandi receives renovation award at 6th CURF

LMS| Updated: December 18, 2023

Panlong Tiandi, an innovative urban retreat situated in Qingpu district, was bestowed with the "Renovation Award of Five Districts" at the 6th China Urban Regeneration Forum (CURF).

The award recognizes the exceptional accomplishments of Panlong Tiandi in seamlessly integrating commerce, residential areas, hotels, and green spaces, creating a harmonious and idyllic new world within a park.

Encompassing an extensive area of more than 500,000 sq m, Panlong Tiandi includes a commercial zone occupying 53,000 sq m, expansive public green spaces measuring 230,000 sq m, a picturesque 3-kilometer circular walking trail, and charming outdoor recreational areas occupying nearly 10,000 sq m. The vision of this development is to explore alternative lifestyles while offering a serene environment for residents.

Formerly a part of the renowned Panlong town, which boasts a history of more than a millennium, Panlong Tiandi preserves historical buildings such as the Xianghua Bridge dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) and the elegant Cheng Family Ancestral Hall from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Serving as one of the inaugural projects under Shanghai's urban village renewal initiative, Panlong Tiandi stands as a remarkable testament to the successful transformation of a once-desolate urban village into a vibrant hub rich in culture.

The meticulous planning and refinement process for Panlong Tiandi began in 2013, capturing the essence of Panlong's historical and cultural resources and seamlessly merging them with the few green spaces within Shanghai's bustling urban landscape.

The development meticulously restores traditional street grids, rehabilitates the original water systems, and diligently safeguards the region's valuable cultural relics, preserving its glorious heritage for generations to come.


A bird's-eye view of Panlong town. [Photo/Wechat account: Iloveqingpu]

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