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Shanghai acknowledges Christopher John Guzy's contributions in hydrogen fuel cell technology

LMS| Updated: December 19, 2023

Christopher John Guzy, chief technology officer at Shanghai Refire Group, was on Dec 3 conferred the Magnolia Silver Award for his outstanding contributions to the development of hydrogen fuel cell technology and industry in Shanghai.

Established by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 1989, the annual Magnolia Award is bestowed to foreign individuals who have made exceptional contributions to Shanghai's economic growth, social progress, as well as international exchange and cooperation.

Located in the Hongqiao International Central Business District's Jiading area, Refire Group specializes in the design, testing, prototyping, application engineering, and large-scale manufacturing of both upstream E2H (Electricity to Hydrogen) and downstream H2E (Hydrogen to Electricity) hydrogen technologies.

Hailing from the United States, Guzy has nearly two decades of expertise in the global hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry. Throughout his career, he has displayed remarkable proficiency in research, industrialization, and management.


Christopher John Guzy is bestowed with the Chinese Government's Friendship Award in 2019. [Photo/WeChat account: zuijiangqiao]

In 2019, when he was the CTO at Refire Group, Guzy played a pivotal role in establishing the first domestic fuel cell stack production line. Furthermore, he spearheaded the localization efforts of key components within Shanghai.

Beyond his accomplishments within Refire Group, Guzy has also been an ardent advocate of driving domestic research and recruiting high-level international technical professionals.

To bolster the company's talent pool, he facilitated collaborations between Refire Group's research and development center and Chinese universities such as Tongji University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Tianjin University. By conducting cutting-edge research in fuel cell technology, this partnership helps drive research achievements towards commercialization while nurturing specialized professionals for the industry.

Under Guzy's visionary leadership, Refire Group's fuel cell testing and inspection Center obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate from the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment  in December 2021.

Guzy has also played a leading role in the application and certification process for Refire Group's ISO26262:2018 certificate, a pioneering accomplishment in the Chinese fuel cell field.

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