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New project to enhance road connectivity in Hongqiao Intl CBD

LMS| Updated: December 20, 2023

The construction of the Shenchang North Road - Jinyuan 1st Road project is set to begin.

A significant development in the Hongqiao International Central Business District (Hongqiao International CBD), the project will introduce a dual carriageway with two fast lanes and two slow lanes. The  carriageway will have a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour.

The Shenchang North Road - Jinyuan 1st Road project will span approximately 974.42 meters and serve as a vital link between the Minhang and Jiading districts.

Starting from Boheng Road in Minhang district, the road will traverse four railroad lines to the north before crossing the Wusong River and joining with Jinyuan Road in Jiading district.

The project will also include the construction of various auxiliary facilities, including drainage and lighting systems and essential infrastructure like an underpass bridge for trains, a bridge spanning Wusong River, a bridge crossing the Shuangyanggang Bridge, as well as the Wangnibang Bridge.

Once completed, this new road will not only cater to the commuting needs of residents in the Minhang and Jiading districts but also significantly improve connectivity between the Hongqiao International CBD and its surrounding areas.


A rendering of the Shenchang North Road - Jinyuan 1st Road in the Hongqiao International CBD. [Photo/WeChat account: minhangnews]

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