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Entrepreneurs unite at Hongqiao International CBD's table tennis friendship tournament

LMS| Updated: December 20, 2023

On Dec 16, the Hongqiao International Central Business District (Hongqiao International CBD) kicked off an exciting table tennis friendship tournament for entrepreneurs.

The event received generous support from esteemed entities such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, ANTA Group, UESG World China, and Greenland Group.

A total of 24 teams consisting of 112 members gathered at the Hongqiao International CBD to showcase their table tennis skills and foster camaraderie.

Entrepreneurs and white-collar enthusiasts from diverse fields competed in a friendly atmosphere, forging new friendships and establishing connections with like-minded individuals.

The tournament provided an exceptional platform for companies and employees within the business district to exchange ideas and exhibit their talents.

It served as a testament to the Hongqiao International CBD's commitment to leveraging its advantages, expanding its reach, and continuously optimizing the business environment. The district aims to enhance visibility and core competitiveness as well as develop new advantages that can lead to stronger future growth.

Capitalizing on this successful event, the Hongqiao International CBD, in collaboration with SMG Great Sports Radio, plans to launch a series of periodic sports events, fostering a vibrant "sports+" community.

By utilizing sports as a catalyst, the district aims to strengthen talent exchange and resource coordination among companies, promote integration through healthy competition, and drive greater openness through small-scale sporting events.

This initiative strives to attract more talented individuals, building bridges of friendship and cooperation within the Hongqiao International CBD. It has the potential to inject fresh impetus into the district's development, creating an environment where individuals can work, live, and have fun in Hongqiao.

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The Hongqiao International CBD Entrepreneurs Table Tennis Friendship Tournament is held on Dec 16. [Photo/WeChat account: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

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