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Shanghai streamlines APEC card application to boost global expansion opportunities

LMS| Updated: December 21, 2023

The Shanghai government has streamlined the APEC Business Travel Card application process, facilitating international expansion for enterprises.

The APEC business travel card is a visa arrangement established by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to promote trade and investment in the region.

Since 2009, Shanghai companies have been eligible to apply for the card, enabling holders to freely travel between 17 countries, including China, for five years.

Irrespective of their ownership structure, companies meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for the APEC card for their management, business, or technical personnel.

Due to increased diplomatic efforts and international exchanges, the number of APEC card applications in Shanghai has risen notably this year.

To encourage qualified individuals to explore overseas markets and facilitate high-level development, the government has continuously optimized the application process.

Promotional events and training sessions have been organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government to raise awareness of the APEC business travel card.

To meet growing enterprise demand, the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Service Center inaugurated an APEC card service center in May this year.

This new center, along with existing service centers in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, Lin-gang New Area, and Zhangjiang High-Tech Zone, offers convenient access for companies applying for the APEC card.

Enterprises can apply for the card at their respective district's foreign affairs office, relevant industry associations, or any of the service center.

NeZha Smart Port & Shipping Technology (Shanghai), a member enterprise of Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), has made the most of the APEC card.

Huang Heng, general manager of NeZha Smart Port & Shipping Technology (Shanghai), emphasized the convenience and efficiency the APEC card brings to their business activities.

"The APEC business travel card effectively eliminates the need for multiple trips and extended stays, allowing us to more easily expand into Southeast Asia and Central and North America," said Huang.

The APEC business travel card has proven to be a valuable asset, offering visa-free entry to economies actively involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.


An APEC Business Travel Card service center in East China's Shanghai. [Photo/Website:]

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