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Public transport made easier for foreigners in Shanghai

LMS| Updated: December 26, 2023


Buses pick up passengers at a stop in Yangpu district of Shanghai. [Photo/IC]

Local authorities in Shanghai have launched an English version of the city's smart mobility app, which offers foreigners in the metropolis an easier access to its vast transport network.

Via the Suishenxing app, they can get an all-in-one code on their smart phone for buses, ferries and subway lines in the city, with the fees to be charged through their Alipay or WeChat Pay account.

The all-in-one transport code gives foreign commuters the same discounts as local Chinese residents.

The app's original Chinese version went online in October 2022, operating based on the city's Mobility as a Service system, which was developed by the State-owned Shanghai Mobility Service Technology Company.

Suishenxing is the first multi-functional metropolitan transport platform in China, integrating services including public transport as well as shared bikes and smart parking.

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