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Blueprint for future: Shanghai Qingpu's eco-friendly urban development

LMS| Updated: January 9, 2024

[Video/Wechat account: iloveqingpu]

Qingpu district made significant strides in ecological sustainability and high-quality urban development in 2023.

The district's "Blue Sky, Pure Land, and Clear Waters" initiative yielded good results as excellent air quality reached 84.4 percent. The PM2.5 average concentration was only 30μg/m³.

These achievements are due to Qingpu's dedication to environmental protection and its role as Shanghai's first national ecological civilization demonstration zone and the first national soil and water conservation demonstration district.

Central to Qingpu's strategy is the development of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). The interconnection of landscapes, cultures, and economies with Wujiang district of Suzhou and Jiashan county in Zhejiang province has been vital.

One key achievement is the integration of the Yuandang Lake shoreline in Qingpu, which is part of the YRD Ecological and Green Integration Demonstration Area. This development has not only improved accessibility but also enhanced biodiversity through the creation of significant wetland habitats.

The innovative "Blue Ring" project, a major ecological green infrastructure initiative, has transformed a 28.32-kilometer stretch of land into a sustainable and scenic area that features ancient and modern elements. The project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2024, will offer experiences like walking, cycling, and water tourism.

Qingpu's commitment to green can also be seen through the addition of 80 hectares of greenery, 15 km of greenways, and vertical greening efforts. The cultivation of new forest areas and public welfare forests has increased the district's forest coverage rate to 19.5 percent and provided residents with more natural spaces to rest and relax.

640 (1).png

A bird's-eye view of Qingpu district. [Photo/WeChat account: iloveqingpu]

To further enhance the quality of life in Qingpu, the "Three Rings and One Garden" initiative has been implemented. This initiative involves enhancing the encircling water system, developing the Qingpu New City Green Ring, and constructing the Shangda River Central Park.

Qingpu district has been making considerable strides in its journey towards creating a sustainable and high-quality urban environment. Through strategic initiatives and a commitment to ecological protection, Qingpu is not only advancing Chinese-style modernization but also setting a benchmark for urban development worldwide.

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