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Greenland trading hub launches Shanghai's 1st Silk Road e-commerce plan

LMS| Updated: January 11, 2024

The Greenland Global Commodity Trade Hub, a permanent platform for the China International Import Expo (CIIE), launched Shanghai's first enterprise-focused Silk Road e-commerce development plan on Jan 9.

This initiative, which is aimed at bolstering international trade, coincided with the unveiling of the Belt and Road country-specific live broadcast platform (G-ONAIR).

The Greenland trading hub's comprehensive plan spans seven key areas: online live broadcasting, offline markets, international joint ventures, exhibition management, global networking, entrepreneurship training, and case studies.

The plan's unveiling was a highlight of the event, which also included the signing of initial cooperation agreements with international merchant partners.

Located in the strategic Hongqiao International Central Business District, the Greenland trading hub is spearheading the Silk Road e-commerce sector. The hub's focus on expanding imports, boosting exports, and enhancing services is aimed at creating a dynamic public service platform for Silk Road e-commerce in Shanghai.

Key initiatives of the Greenland Trade Port's e-commerce strategy include the G-ONAIR platform, fostering a premium marketplace, developing "one warehouse, one hall" collaborative projects, organizing international exhibitions, creating a global cooperation network, launching a youth entrepreneurship program, and establishing a research center. These measures are designed to promote international trade, cultural exchange, and economic development.

To date, the hub has opened 63 national pavilions, 43 pavilions dedicated to the Belt and Road Initiative and 19 to Silk Road E-commerce. These pavilions feature unique products and cultural stories from partner countries and highlight the innovative potential of this e-commerce model.

The Greenland trading hub has been actively seeking to strengthen international partnerships through initiatives like Chinese goods exhibition halls and expanding export channels in various sectors. These efforts mark the beginning of a new phase in global trade and collaboration under the Silk Road e-commerce initiative.


The signing ceremony for the Silk Road E-commerce with Partners of Greenland Global Commodity Trading Hub and the Launch Ceremony of the One Belt, One Road Country-Specific Livestreaming Platform are held on Jan 9 in East China's Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_402dd04155e6]

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