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Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Industrial Development Plan

Updated: January 17, 2024

Industrial development plan

Enhance international core business industries

1. Headquarters economy

2. Exhibition economy

3. Trade economy (open service trade, offshore trade and supply chain services, etc.)

4. Service economy (airport services, cross-border technological services, global industrial finance, other integrated professional services, etc.)

Lay out a new future industry path that integrates innovation

1. Digital economy (Metaverse, terminal-driven artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, E-sports games, innovative Beidou Navigation, etc.)

2. Health technology and services (High-end international medical services, clinical transformation of life sciences with cutting-edge treatments, international trade of medical device, integrated digital health medical services, etc.)

3. Low-carbon and new energy sector (International new energy industry, zero-carbon industry led by innovation/carbon trade service, etc.)

4. New energy vehicles (Export-oriented NEV, intelligent connected cars, intelligent comprehensive transportation services, integrated high-quality professional services, etc.)

5. New consumption (International commodity retail led by first launch, trendy and innovative Chinese brand incubation services, international cultural tourism consumption services, etc.)

Industrial development layout

The core circle of the Central Hub

Centered on the Hongqiao Airport High-speed Railway Comprehensive Transportation Hub, the core circle of the Central Hub focuses on the core area of the business district and extends to the east area of Hongqiao Airport, the Changning-Jiading-Minhang junction area and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) contiguous area, focusing on the development of headquarters economy, exhibition economy, trade economy and high-end service economy.

Four industrial areas with different functions

South Hongqiao is characterized by international public services and a highly-integrated service economy. East Hongqiao is characterized by the airport hub economy and digital service economy. West Hongqiao is characterized by the international exhibition economy and Beidou digital economy. North Hongqiao is characterized by the smart green innovation economy and manufacturing service economy.

Three innovation and linked development axes

Combining industrial projects and local traffic conditions, three industrial innovation linkage development axes, namely, the southern, central and northern axes, will be built in the CBD to open up the industrial development nodes in the area and form a joint force for industrial development.

Development measures

(1) Enhance innovation of industrial service system

(2) Improve construction of various platforms

(3) Strengthen key infrastructure support

(4) Create a talent gathering ecosystem

(5) Promote the overall brand of Hongqiao

(6) Boost policy and system innovation

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