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Major advancements in YRD Ecological and Green Integration Development Zone

LMS| Updated: January 19, 2024

The Yangtze River Delta (YRD) Integration Demonstration Zone is set to embark on an ambitious journey with the release of its three-year action plan for major construction projects (2024-26).

This strategic initiative is aimed at advancing the progress of 124 major projects.

Among these projects is the Huawei Qingpu Research and Development Center, which is expected to be launched in June this year. This state-of-the-art facility underscores the region's commitment to technological innovation and industry development. The center is expected to house nearly 30,000 research personnel and focus on cutting-edge developments in terminal chips, wireless networks, and IoT technologies. Construction of the center began in September 2020.

Gu Jun, director of the executive committee of the YRD Integration Demonstration Zone, highlighted the action plan's comprehensive scope, which encompasses four primary domains: ecological and environmental protection, facility interconnectivity, industrial innovation, and public services.

Seventeen of the projects are related to ecological preservation, 38 to infrastructural connectivity, 34 to industrial innovation, and 22 to enhancing public services.

Notably, the plan champions the "one hall, three areas" concept, which involves integrating key zones like the "water town living room" and the Qingpu Xicen Science and Innovation Center. This approach synergizes various facets of urban development to foster a cohesive and sustainable growth model.

The demonstration zone is witnessing rapid progress in several landmark industrial innovation projects. These include the Anta Shanghai Headquarters, BatteroTech's 32 GWh power battery project, and Everest Medicines.

Construction of projects like the Qingpu Fudan International Integration Innovation Center and the Wujiang National Functional Fiber Innovation Center are also set to commence.

The YRD's three-year action plan is a bold statement of progress, innovation, and sustainable development, and positions the region as a beacon of modern urban development and ecological integration.


A rendering of Shanghai Advertising Industry Park in Qingpu district, East China's Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: iloveqingpu]

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