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Taxi pick-up points make travel more convenient at Hongqiao transportation hub

LMS| Updated: January 22, 2024

The Hongqiao comprehensive transportation hub, a key travel link in Shanghai, has announced the official launch of its new taxi pick-up points for urban rail transit and a vehicle holding area, along with a P9 ground-level quick pick-up point.

These developments are part of an ongoing effort to streamline transportation and enhance the travel experience for both residents and visitors.

This latest upgrade includes the transformation of the north and south taxi pick-up points at the railway station. The new area operates under an innovative "rotational storage, circular scheduling, and manual assistance" model, designed to minimize wait times and maximize efficiency.

The taxi pick-up points, accessible within a 10-minute walk from the railway arrival level, offer passengers multiple transfer options. They are operational from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, catering to the majority of travelers' schedules.

In addition, the P9 ground-level quick pick-up point, operating 24 hours a day, has been synchronized and made fully functional. This addition allows for quick and efficient passenger pick-up, significantly boosting the hub's overall traffic flow and emergency response capabilities.

In anticipation of the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush, the Hongqiao transportation hub is also renovating its fast western pick-up point (for long-distance stations), which is expected to be operational soon.

This move is part of the hub's comprehensive plan to establish a robust emergency response mechanism, ensuring a safe, smooth, and orderly travel experience across various transport lines.

These enhancements demonstrate the Hongqiao transportation hub's commitment to providing seamless and efficient travel solutions, reinforcing its position as a leading transport facility in the region.

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At the P6 taxi pick-up point in the Hongqiao comprehensive transportation hub, a taxi driver assists passengers with their luggage. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_e664c36cae9f]

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