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2024 Shanghai Online New Year Goods Festival begins

LMS| Updated: January 23, 2024

The 2024 Shanghai Online New Year Goods Festival kicked off on Jan 18 at Hongqiao Pinhui in Shanghai and will continue until Feb 17.

This festival marks a significant step forward in the areas of e-commerce and cultural exchange, and offers the chance to celebrate the Spring Festival with innovative shopping experiences.

Featuring over 80 activities, the festival has partnered with numerous e-commerce platforms and companies to cater to a wide range of consumer interests.

Key activities include the National Trend New Power Special, Silk Road Cloud Products Consumption Special, and New Year Sales Special. Additionally, shoppers can enjoy New Year Cultural Tourism Discounts, a New Year's Gourmet Feast, and a Digital Business and Agriculture Special, ensuring a varied and engaging online shopping experience.

A highlight of the festival is the ASEAN E-commerce Theme Week, spotlighting Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia and focusing on Southeast Asian culture, products, and cuisine through live streams and online displays.

The event also marked the establishment of the Shanghai Silk Road Cloud Products Alliance. This alliance, with 20 founding members, including trade agencies and e-commerce platforms, aims to enhance international e-commerce cooperation and introduce quality products from Belt and Road Initiative countries to the local market.

Shanghai's e-commerce industry is booming, with a 11.7 percent increase in transactions in 2023, totaling 3.7 trillion yuan ($515 billion). As a leader in live broadcast e-commerce in China, Shanghai is dedicated to driving high-quality economic growth through innovative online retail strategies.


The launching ceremony of the 2024 Shanghai Online New Year Goods Festival. [Photo/WeChat account: HQ_365]

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