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Huafon Group's R&D headquarters pave way for future innovation in South Hongqiao

LMS| Updated: January 31, 2024

On Jan 21, the topping-off ceremony for Huafon Group's R&D headquarters in the Hongqiao Qianwan Area was held, with the headquarters set to start operating in October 2025.

After 26 months of construction and overcoming many challenges a significant milestone was reached as the project owners, designers, and construction leaders poured the last batch of concrete for the main structure.

The project spans an area of 59,519 square meters, with a total construction area of 277,225 square meters, and features 7 research and development buildings, 3 staff dormitories, ancillary buildings, and an underground garage.

Guided by Huafon's core values of "common goals, entrepreneurship, mutual benefits, and shared development", the headquarters is intended to become a leader in technology, culture, and business, creating a top-notch office environment and enhancing the South Hongqiao landscape.

South Hongqiao Group actively supports the construction of the Huafon International R&D headquarters, providing comprehensive services, resolving construction challenges, and closely monitoring project progress.

This project is a vital part of South Hongqiao's commitment to the integrated innovation of the Yangtze River Delta and plays a key role in the expansion of the regional headquarters cluster in the Hongqiao Qianwan Area.


A rendering of Huafon Group's R&D headquarters project in the Hongqiao Qianwan Area. [Photo/WeChat account: guojihongqiao]

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