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Shanghai's Hongqiao Intl CBD named among top digital business districts in 2023

LMS| Updated: February 8, 2024

The Hongqiao International Central Business District (Hongqiao International CBD) has been recognized as one of the top ten digital business districts in Shanghai in 2023, showcasing innovative integration of digital technologies in urban commercial spaces.

This accolade, supported by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, highlights the district's commitment to fostering a smart, efficient, and consumer-friendly environment.

The Hongqiao International CBD encompasses various commercial complexes such as the HUB, Hongqiao Paradise Walk, Lihpao Land, and the Macrolink International Centre.

Spanning approximately 3 million square meters in architectural area and hosting over 528 merchants, the Hongqiao International CBD has set a benchmark in digital infrastructure and services.

The district's success is underpinned by its "big data + grid" development model, which emphasizes the open flow and standardization of public data resources. This paves the way for a dynamic and interconnected digital commercial ecosystem.

Key achievements of the district include the establishment of a comprehensive Big Data platform that integrates business, consumer, and public service sectors in order to deliver tailored and efficient services. The district has also significantly upgraded its infrastructure to include advanced 5G communications, intelligent public facilities, and IoT systems, thus ensuring seamless connectivity and operational excellence.

Consumer engagement has been revolutionized through digital tools such as mini-programs, apps, and interactive platforms. This enhances the shopping experience with features like smart parking, online reservations, and personalized promotions. Additionally, the district has leveraged its online hub platform to break down barriers for local brands, facilitating collaboration and promoting regional economic vitality.

As the Hongqiao International CBD continues to evolve, it aims to expand its cross-sector integration and introduce new consumer engagement models, thereby further establishing itself as a leader in digital business innovation. This recognition not only celebrates the district's achievements, but also serves as a model for future development in Shanghai.

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