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Tourism market in Qingpu marks good start of Dragon Year

LMS| Updated: February 20, 2024

During this year's Spring Festival holiday, Shanghai's Qingpu district ramped up efforts to boost the tourism market and welcome a prosperous start of the Dragon Year with a series of cultural tourism activities and unique and appealing products.

Statistics show that Qingpu received a total of more than 796,300 visitors during this year's Spring Festival period, soaring 89.35 percent year-on-year. The district's tourism revenue exceeded 557 million yuan ($77.36 million), up 74.06 percent year-on-year. The average occupancy rate of major resort hotels in Qingpu during the first seven days of the holiday was 53.86 percent, a surge of 15.73 percent compared to the previous year.

A total of nine A-level tourist attractions in the district received 480,700 visitors, up 129.86 percent year-on-year. Among them, Zhujiajiao Ancient Town organized activities such as Spring Festival blessings and the God of Wealth parade, receiving a total of 327,100 visitors during the eight-day period, an increase of nearly 150 percent compared to the previous year; Oriental Land Holiday Village hosted performances such as dragon dances, receiving 34,300 visitors; and the Chen Yun Memorial Hall launched "the Homeland of the Great Man, Auspicious Dragon Blessings" series of activities, allowing visitors to appreciate the glorious deeds of the great Chen Yun while experiencing the festive atmosphere.

The newly-rated 4A-level scenic spot Jinze Ancient Town received a warm welcome from visitors thanks to activities such as handmaking crafts in taverns and teahouses, with a total of 48,100 visitors during the holiday. At Shanghai Grand View Garden, plum blossoms heralded the arrival of spring, receiving a total of 21,900 visitors during the holiday.

Public cultural venues including Qingpu Library and Qingpu Museum and various streets and towns have also launched distinctive traditional activities featuring the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

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