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Shanghai launches customized shuttle lines for returning students

LMS| Updated: February 22, 2024

The Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, based on its Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, a platform for the digital transformation of transportation, has launched customized shuttle lines for students returning to school during the Spring Festival travel rush to create a safe, convenient and comfortable travel experience.

The one-person-one-seat passenger buses of the customized shuttle lines depart from the Hongqiao long-distance bus station to 27 universities in six different directions from Feb 16 to March 5. The buses will stop at multiple drop-off points.

The MaaS platform supports online services such as route and schedule inquiries, reservations, purchases and sharing. Passengers returning to school can board at the designated boarding point at the Hongqiao hub according to their reservation. They must verify a QR code before boarding.

Students returning to school can learn about the details and make reservations and purchases according to their own schedules for returning to Shanghai. Please refer to the Suishen Bus WeChat mini-program platform for specific ticketing rules, purchasing guides and boarding instructions. 

The customized shuttle lines have a minimum number of passengers. After making a reservation and purchasing tickets, please pay attention to the number of passengers on the reserved route. The platform will announce the passenger confirmation results three to five days before departure so that you can make travel arrangements in advance. The buses can be boarded at the long-distance bus station in the Hongqiao Hub.

After exiting from the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, it takes 15-20 minutes to walk to the bus station. Ticket inspection and boarding will begin 15 minutes before departure. Please choose a suitable time slot according to your travel arrangements. For those seeking more information, the WeChat mini-program Suishen Bus contains video content such as purchasing guides, travel instructions and service introductions. 

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