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North Hongqiao makes plans to launch 32 key projects

LMS| Updated: February 22, 2024

This year, Shanghai's Jiading district will continue to promote the improvement of the economy, enhance its core competitiveness and boost urban construction characterized by innovation, humanistic charm and improved livelihoods.

Statistics show that the North Hongqiao Business District in Jiading achieved a total tax revenue of 6.03 billion yuan ($837.5 million) in 2023, an increase of 44.2 percent year-on-year. This year, North Hongqiao will speed up the construction of 32 key projects with a total investment of 18.18 billion yuan.

"This year is important for the construction of the high-quality North Hongqiao Business District. We will strive to continuously improve the urban level and core competitiveness of North Hongqiao and make new contributions to the construction of a modern and new type of city in Jiading," said Gan Yongkang, Party secretary of Jiangqiao town in North Hongqiao.

Currently, the construction of the so-called "one area, one city and one bay", namely the 2,000-mu (133-hectare) urban renewal area jointly developed by Jiangqiao town and real estate groups, the Lin-gang & Jiading Science and Technology City and the Hongqiao Xinhui Headquarters Bay, is the top priority for the development of North Hongqiao.

On Jan 30, the government of Jiangqiao town reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Boder Environmental Technology Group Co Ltd to construct the company's headquarters, settlement center, exhibition hall, and research and development base in the eastern part of the urban renewal area. In the future, the area is expected to become a benchmark for the aggregation of the headquarters economy in the city and the Yangtze River Delta region as a whole.

In the Lingang-Jiading Science and Technology City, progress on the Cloud of North Hongqiao is progressing smoothly. Next, the Lingang-Jiading Science and Technology City will accelerate the overall transformation and upgrading of the region.

To accelerate the construction of industrial projects, Jiangqiao town also promoted the early completion and use of the Hongqiao International Innovation Medical Device Industrial Park last year, forming a relatively complete medical device industrial cluster.

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