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Spring Airlines unveils new headquarters in Hongqiao Intl CBD

LMS| Updated: February 28, 2024

The headquarters project for Spring Airlines was recently completed in the Changning Area of the Hongqiao International Central Business District (Hongqiao International CBD).


A rendering of the Spring Airlines headquarters. [Photo/Website:]

Alongside this achievement, significant projects such as the Western Outer Ring Road Traffic Function Improvement Project, the East Airlines K1-01 project, and the Airport J-01 project have officially commenced.

Located in the heart of the bustling Changning Area of the Hongqiao International CBD, the Spring Airlines headquarters covers an impressive 43,000 square meters. The complex includes two seven-story office buildings, complemented by three subterranean levels.

A unique feature of this design is the overhead corridor that links the buildings, which ingeniously overcomes the challenge posed by a subway line that bisects the site. This solution not only unifies the space but also introduces innovative green terraces and communal outdoor areas, enhancing staff interaction.

The groundbreaking for the East Airlines K1-01 project heralds the start of a significant commercial and housing project, backed by an investment of 3.5 billion yuan ($486.2 million). This mixed-use development is poised to offer a blend of apartments, research spaces, and business offices, spreading over 54,000 square meters of land. The project's total construction area measures 176,000 square meters.

Close to the eastern side of Hongqiao Airport, the II-J-01 project is also underway, promising commercial and office spaces within its architecturally significant structures.

640 (1)_副本1.jpg

A rendering of the J-01 project. [Photo/Website:]

Additionally, the eagerly awaited Changning section of the Western Outer Ring Road Traffic Function Improvement Project has kicked off. This project is set to improve traffic flow and bolster north-south connectivity across Shanghai's western districts, thus further enhancing the appeal and functionality of the Hongqiao International CBD.

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