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Self-service terminals improve experience at Shanghai Hongqiao Intl Airport

LMS| Updated: March 21, 2024


The self-service entry registration terminals in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. [Photo/Wechat account: wenhuaxtd]

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport recently introduced self-service entry registration terminals, streamlining the customs and entry process.

This move follows China's recent extension of its visa exemption policy to ordinary passport holders from six European countries, simplifying travel for numerous international visitors.

Located in the airport's arrival border inspection area, the terminals offer a two-step entry procedure.

First, travelers scan a QR code with their cell phones before boarding, allowing them to submit entry information online beforehand.

Upon arrival, a second QR code scan at the terminal prints the entry registration card instantly. This efficient system ensures accuracy and speeds up the customs clearance process, while also offering full-service support in multiple languages.

Currently being tested on China Eastern Airlines' international flights, this initiative reflects Shanghai's commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the travel experience.

With plans for city-wide implementation, Shanghai aims to ensure smoother journeys for all international arrivals.

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