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Lin-gang Jiading Sci-tech City set for landmark launch in September

LMS| Updated: March 25, 2024

Lin-gang Jiading Science and Technology City, located in the Jiading Area of Hongqiao International Central Business District, is on track for its grand opening this September.

This venture represents a key milestone in the district's ambitious agenda to propel forward significant construction projects. Situated at the heart of the Jiading Area, the anticipation surrounding the launch of this sci-tech city is palpable, highlighted by the early lineup of businesses that are eager to move in.

Central to the Jiading district's "one district, one city, one bay" vision, the Lin-gang Jiading Science and Technology City is set to establish a vibrant "1+N" industrial park system.

With a foundation in life sciences and health, complemented by intelligent manufacturing and the emerging online economy, this project aims to weave factories and office buildings into a cohesive, innovative ecosystem. The project is geared toward revolutionizing clusters of advanced manufacturing industries and driving the urban industrial economy to new heights.

Covering an area of approximately 156,000 square meters, the project features an eclectic array of facilities. Besides the office buildings for headquarters, a specialty industrial hub of 77,000 square meters is quickly taking shape. This hub will offer multi-level smart manufacturing spaces and towering R&D facilities, tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of companies from crucial industries.

As Lin-gang Jiading Science and Technology City evolves, it's set to redefine the economic scene, boosting technological capabilities, product innovation, and the competitive edge of its resident enterprises. This project will not only optimize the efficiency of land use, but also to significantly enhance the economic value and output of the area, thus establishing a new standard for urban industrial progress.


A rendering of the Lin-gang Jiading Science and Technology City. [Photo/WeChat account: sh-jiading]

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