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West Hongqiao park nurtures innovation, creativity

LMS| Updated: March 27, 2024

Nestled in Qingpu Area of Hongqiao International Central Business District, the West Hongqiao DoBe E-Manor Park is carving a niche for itself as a beacon of digital technology and creativity.

This innovative hub has become a magnet for businesses, drawing in 101 companies, including 12 high-tech firms, numerous small and medium-sized tech companies, and a standout "little giant" company. Its strategic location in Xujing town amplifies its appeal, attracting a vibrant mix of digital commerce and creative enterprises.

As a publicly traded industry park operator, Dobe Group is dedicated to supporting the science, innovation, and creative sectors with comprehensive operational services. The West Hongqiao DoBe E-Manor Park stands out as a digital technology incubator, fostering strong relationships with its resident companies.

By delving into their unique needs and challenges, the park offers tailored services ranging from policy guidance and talent acquisition to market expansion and legal advice, ensuring that businesses thrive with minimal distractions.

The park doesn't just cater to the professional needs of its inhabitants; it also provides a lush ecological office setting that resonate with the modern workforce, including high-quality eateries and a cat café.

The recent addition of talent apartments equipped with modern conveniences, such as air conditioning and smart home technology, allows employees to enjoy a seamless work-life balance within a 5-minute walking radius.

Looking to the future, West Hongqiao's DoBe E-Manor Park is committed to elevating its service offerings and innovating its approach to support enterprise growth. It's not just a place to work; it's a platform for companies to excel in the Hongqiao International CBD.


The DoBe E-Manor Park in West Hongqiao. [Photo/WeChat account: iloveqingpu]

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