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Hongqiao launches Tourism Plus Shanghai 2024

LMS| Updated: March 28, 2024

Tourism Plus Shanghai 2024 kicked off on March 27 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC) in Shanghai. It is set to run through March 30.

Recognized as one of the cultural and tourism industry's flagship events in China, the expo has become a convergence point for world-renowned brands, industry pioneers, and professional participants.

The expo is not just vast in ambition, but also in scale, sprawling across 400,000 square meters and boasting over 3,000 exhibitors. The schedule is packed with more than 10 competitive events, numerous key forums, and tens of thousands of new products on display, ensuring that attendees have a wealth of experiences to choose from.

The travel industry, known for its comprehensive reach into the food, lodging, transport, tourism, shopping, and entertainment sectors, demonstrates unparalleled allure. By fostering collaboration and introducing a variety of elements, the expo facilitates mutual growth across different sectors.

Tourism Plus Shanghai 2024, tailored for the travel industry and guided by market demands, has become a melting pot for global exhibitors and buyers, offering an array of trustworthy resources for industry insiders. Moreover, the expo captivates a wide range of professionals and enthusiasts through contests in areas like coffee brewing, gourmet cooking, the art of tea, baking, chocolate crafting, cocktail mixing, hotel management, and uniform design.

With its eclectic mix of activities, the expo crafts new cultural and tourism experiences, establishing a vast platform for consumer engagement. Visitors to this expo can anticipate a novel urban tourism experience, showcasing a vibrant intersection of city life and travel.

Projected to draw over 400,000 professional visitors, the expo is expected to generate nearly 1 billion yuan ($138.3 million) in ancillary spending on accommodations, dining, transport, and business services.

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Tourism Plus Shanghai 2024 kicks off on March 27 at the NECC in Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

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