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Landleaf Tech innovates with PV power generation system in Hongqiao Linkong Business Park

LMS| Updated: March 28, 2024

Landleaf Tech announces the successful launch of its pioneering PV power generation system at the Landsea Green Center (LGC), located in the Hongqiao International Central Business District's Linkong Business Park.

This state-of-the-art project allows employees to charge their electric vehicles with electricity generated from the building's rooftop photovoltaic system and even take stored energy home with them.

This innovative system integrates photovoltaic power generation, efficient energy storage, and flexible electricity use, effectively turning each participating building into a mini power station.

The rooftop garden's photovoltaic system spans approximately 500 square meters and is designed to produce 100,000 kWh of zero-carbon electricity annually, satisfying about 30 percent of the building's energy requirements and reducing carbon emissions by nearly 60 tons.


The Landsea Green Center in the Hongqiao Linkong Business Park. [Photo/WeChat account: hqlkjjyq]

Additionally, the LGC features a 100 kWh energy storage system that optimizes electricity usage by storing excess power during low-demand periods and utilizing it during peak times.

This approach not only ensures a balanced energy supply but also maximizes the consumption of photovoltaic electricity, significantly reducing electricity costs.

Landleaf Tech's proprietary flexible energy management platform allows for the seamless integration and management of the building's energy systems, promoting real-time optimization of power usage and enhancing economic efficiency.

After light storage charge hardware and microgrid control systems are installed and begin operating, Landleaf Tech is set to further optimize the system's performance based on real-world data.

Launched in 2023, the "Version 2.0" upgrade of the Landsea Green Center aims to surpass building performance enhancements by focusing on energy decarbonization and advancing low-carbon goals. This initiative underscores Landleaf Tech's commitment to sustainable development and its leadership in energy innovation.

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