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New policies to elevate Hongqiao Hub to greater global prominence

LMS| Updated: March 29, 2024

In a significant move to enhance Hongqiao International Open Hub's role as an international hub of openness and influence, the Hongqiao International Central Business District's Administrative Committee has partnered with the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation.

This collaboration, marked by a signing ceremony on March 26, introduces nine innovative policies aimed at elevating Hongqiao International Central Business District to new heights in terms of global connectivity and business facilitation, which in turn will enhance the Hongqiao International Open Hub.

Rooted in a commitment to meet the ambitious openness standards set forth by the Yangtze River Delta, this initiative spans an array of policies tailored to simplify business registrations, enable the dual-purpose use of properties, and ease the process for obtaining 3C certification, among other enhancements.

These efforts are designed to facilitate the seamless operation of businesses, nurture innovative trading zones, and elevate the international profile of the Hongqiao International Open Hub.

Ni Junnan, director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, highlighted Hongqiao's rapid development as a leading economic zone that is driven by significant advancements in science, innovation, and a vibrant headquarters economy.

Through this collaborative endeavor, the focus is on refining the business climate, improving regulatory services, and fortifying international links via policy liberalization and the concentration of industry sectors.

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