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Shanghai's Hongqiao Center streamlines services for foreigners

LMS| Updated: April 15, 2024

Shanghai's Hongqiao Overseas Development Service Center opened its foreign affairs service window in late January, providing consultation and processing services for foreign nationals. This initiative aims to help foreign nationals quickly adapt to life in Shanghai and enjoy convenient living conditions.

Farah, a foreign national living in Shanghai for over four years, expressed his satisfaction with the center's efficiency. "It's very convenient; you just need to prepare all the documents, and it's usually very fast," he said.

To further assist foreign nationals, a recent event titled "The Secret Guide to Foreigners' Work and Life in China" was organized. During the event, the latest information on visa policies and work-related residence permits was discussed.

In addition to governmental services, the center also features a one-stop consultation service officer that offers comprehensive living and working advice to help foreign nationals settle seamlessly into Shanghai.

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