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Hoffmann Group: A century-old German enterprise making strides in Shanghai Hongqiao

LMS| Updated: April 17, 2024


Dr. Christian Kober, senior president of Hoffmann Group Asia. [Photo/WeChat ID: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

Established early in 1919, Hoffmann Group from Germany is now steering into a dynamic multinational at the core area of Hongqiao International Central Business District in Shanghai.

The area's modern image, convenient logistics, and regional advantages all have allured the group to set up its headquarters in Hongqiao, according to Dr. Christian Kober, senior president of Hoffmann Group Asia, during a recent interview.

The group's dedication to simplicity has emerged as a cornerstone of its triumph, driven by a commitment to enhancing customer convenience through the provision of top-notch tools and the streamlining of the procurement process. With a decade-long presence in China, the company has consistently achieved double-digit growth annually, aligning with the nation's industrial modernization.

In 2022, Hoffmann Group made a strategic move to the core area of the Hongqiao International Central Business District, citing the area's modern environment and excellent transportation links as key factors in the decision-making process. This relocation not only facilitated easier access for customers but also resulted in an uptick in customer visits, underscoring the positive impact of the new location.

Last year, Hoffmann Group's Shanghai office attained recognition as the regional headquarters of a transnational company by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. This designation has not only elevated the company's stature but has also opened up new avenues for engaging with clients, bolstering its standing within the market.

Looking ahead, Hoffmann Group envisions an ongoing expansion of its operations in China, with a focus on providing simplicity to its customers and supporting global expansion efforts. Kober also emphasized the importance of the company's international presence in assisting Chinese customers with their global initiatives. The company is committed to fostering further development and collaboration in the region.

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