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Shanghai rail linking two major airports to begin operation by end of year

LMS| Updated: April 18, 2024


The Airport Link Line's initial phase features seven stations, including Hongqiao and Pudong international airports, as indicated on the map. [Photo/Shanghai Observer]

Shanghai is gearing up to transform its transportation landscape with the introduction of the 68.6-kilometer Shanghai Airport Link Line, set to redefine travel between the city's two major airports in the Hongqiao and Pudong districts by the end of 2024.

Currently, the journey between the two airports via subway Line 2 takes about 90 minutes. With the completion of the Airport Link Line, travel time will be slashed to approximately 40 minutes.

As a newly constructed addition to the city's railway network, the project showcases several design and technological innovations aimed at enhancing passengers' overall travel experience.

The new line will introduce China's first urban C-type trains, capable of reaching a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. These trains integrate high-speed rail technology with urban transit operations, offering advanced intelligence, safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Spanning nine stations, the line will seamlessly connect with several metro lines, serving as a vital link to key transportation hubs and significant areas of interest in Shanghai. This integration is expected to further streamline travel within the city and enhance accessibility for residents and visitors.

Source: Shanghai Morning Post

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