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Pakistan launches Douyin merchandise pavilion in Shanghai

LMS| Updated: May 15, 2024

As part of the 2024 Shanghai Silk Road E-commerce Festival, Pakistan officially launched its merchandise pavilion on the popular social media platform Douyin at the Global Hub in the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone on May 10. The day was also the festival's Pakistan Theme Day.

The event, supported by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and the Pakistani Embassy in China, is set to further enhance international exchanges and cooperation in Silk Road e-commerce, accelerate the development of Shanghai's "Silk Road E-commerce" pilot zone, and boost its international influence.

The Pakistan National Merchandise Pavilion on Douyin will feature a wide range of Pakistani products including traditional handicrafts, textiles, jewelry, and other specialties. 

"The opening of this official online pavilion showcases Pakistan's distinctive commodities and colorful culture to Chinese customers," said Muhammad Atif, Deputy Consul General of Pakistan in Shanghai, at the launching ceremony.

On the occasion, Pakistan National Pavilion signed a Memorandum of Understanding respectively with the Shanghai Silk Road E-commerce Alliance and the Silk Road Cities Alliance, aiming to further enhance economic cooperation and boost trade between the two countries.

As a platform showcasing the achievements of Belt and Road economic and trade cooperation, the Global Harbor in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone has gathered 14 country (region) centers and showcases products from another 20 countries or regions, offering nearly 10,000 specialty products.

Source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

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