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Half a billion cups: KINGDOM Coffee's ambitious target

LMS| Updated: May 16, 2024


KINGDOM International in Hongqiao features an array of coffee tools and a variety of coffee beans. [Photo/WeChat ID: hongqiaoshangwuqu]

KINGDOM Coffee in the vibrant Hongqiao International Central Business District is gearing up to produce a remarkable 500 million cups of coffee this year.

With a streamlined process covering raw bean storage, roasting, packing, and distribution, their specialty coffee beans sourced from more than 40 regions worldwide have made them a favored supplier of many cafes.

KINGDOM Coffee's storage base, covering 4,000 square meters, houses premium coffee beans from more than 40 regions, totaling 1,000 tons. It is the go-to supplier for nearly 100 chain and boutique coffee shops, including popular names like Manner, Mstand and Starbucks.

Maintaining strict quality control, KINGDOM Coffee uses advanced equipment to ensure precise roasting parameters and guarantee efficient and accurate production processes.

Shanghai's coffee scene is booming, with over 9,000 coffee shops catering to a population consuming an average of 16.74 cups per person annually. The city's Hongqiao International Coffee Hub is striving to establish a complete industrial chain trade hub.

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