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Hongqiao Pinhui brews excitement with global events at Shanghai Shopping Festival

LMS| Updated: May 21, 2024


The South American Coffee Festival held at Hongqiao Pinhui showcases coffee beans from Brazil and other South American regions, attracting coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. [Photo/Hongqiao Pinhui]

During the ongoing Shanghai Shopping Festival, Shanghai's Hongqiao Pinhui, located in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, has been a bustling hub of activity with a series of engaging events that have attracted diplomats, industry experts, and consumers from around the world.

As a key platform for exhibiting and trading imported products and amplifying the spillover effect of the annual China International Import Expo (CIIE), Hongqiao Pinhui is playing an important role in the shopping festival by leveraging its unique offerings.

In addition to hosting parts of the iconic Shanghai International Coffee Culture Festival, the venue is combining the Digital Lifestyle Festival, Silk Road E-commerce Festival, and Imported Goods Shopping Festival to showcase global products and enrich the experience of shoppers.

At the launch ceremony of the Imported Goods Shopping Festival, representatives from Hongqiao Pinhui announced that a range of industry promotion activities for liquor, smart travel, imported cosmetics, and country-specific specialties from various countries are set to create a shopping frenzy throughout May and June at Hongqiao Pinhui.

Collaborating with over 100 companies in key consumer categories like fine wines, coffee, imported motorcycles, and cosmetics, Hongqiao Pinhui is set to host or participate in nine large-scale consumer brand events.

Apart from hosting weekly events on-site, Hongqiao Pinhui is actively engaging with the community at bustling locations like Global Hub, showcasing over 300 products from 28 countries and allowing residents to experience global goods right at their doorstep.

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